Community Exchange

After disaster the primary focus was on providing psycho social care to the children in the Child Development Centres. The activities were then gradually directed towards welfare and development.  Now most of the children activities are focusing on ensuring child rights through participation and protection.  The activities in the centres led to the self development of the children, formation of children structures etc.

TdH (Germany) organized a community exchange programme for its partner NGOs in India with the NGOs in Indonesia. HEAL was one among the nine NGOs selected to share our experience with the children after tsunami. As per that the Director of HEAL went for an exchange cum exposure visit to Indonesia from November 24 to December 4, 2008.

The Community Exchange Programmes has given an opportunity to the Sea shell community to know the good practices of other partners. Similarly the Federation of sea shell workers has many best practices which it would like to share with other partners if necessary. This will help the Federation to create linkage with other organizations and groups and an opportunity to share their experience and achievements. Community Exchange programme is initiated by DASRA a Mumbai based Consultancy Agency.

Mangroves plantation

CAT, an NGO based in Nagercoil is the most pioneer in the field of using mangroves for disaster prevention. So this technology was brought in one of our working area at Ottathenganvilai village, which was vulnerably affected by tsunami. The main objectives of this programme is to protect the people of Ottathenganvilai Village from natural disasters by growing mangrove forests and to promote an income generation programme to the sea shell collectors of Ottathenganvilai Village through the formation of nursery for the mangrove plants.

Task Force

ROSE is a Pudukottai based NGO and with their support a task force committee was formed and functioning at Ottathenganvilai. The main uses of the task force is to understand the ways to protect themselves and their village from disaster, the people to be communicated during disasters, to plan about making their village a model one, to work hard with out selfishness and gender discrimination.

Wave of Life

Dreamcatchers Foundation is a Mumbai based organization which is specialized in providing psycho social care to the children through story telling and views of life. 10 child care activist was trained. The objective of the programme is to develop rational thinking capacity in children, provide psycho social care, bring out children’s feeling, enhancing parent – child relationship, identifying individual talents, avoiding gender discrimination and developing children as trainers.