Lobby and Advocacy:

The overallobjective of this programme is to lobby and advocate for policies, laws or actions that favor civil society and poor people. Thus we expect that the lobby and advocacy initiatives will be able to influence the policies, Acts, programmes and practices of Government, development institutions, other actors in the development arena, and the public.

    1. The Sea Shell Workers’/Collectors’ Federation has actively done the lobby and advocacy with the Government Departments and got an opportunity for enrolling them in the Tamil Nadu Fishermen Welfare Board, enrolling their trade in the District Industries Centre (DIC) to get Identity Cards from the Forest Department. If they receive these Identity Cards, they can use them while transporting the sea shells from the sea shore.
    2. The sea shell handicraft artisans have received certificates from Ministry of Textiles, Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Handicrafts Marketing & Service Extension Centre, Government of India in recognition for their trade.
    3. Now they are eligible for setting up stalls for their products in Government exhibitions.
    4. Effective linkage with other Federation has helped them popularize the Federation and get more acceptances in the Society. The members are now aware of the various welfare departments and the procedure for approaching them and submitting petitions.
    5. Through the Federation more people are able to avail Government benefits like Widow Pension, Adult pension, Death benefits, Education benefits, handicapped benefits etc.
    6. The federation members will be motivated to do lobbying and advocacy with the educational institutions and Government line departments like

  • Engineering colleges and research institutes.
  • epartment of Tsunami Rehabilitation in Tamil Nadu.
  • Forest Department of Tamil Nadu.
  • Mines Department of Tamil Nadu.
  • Revenue Department of Tamil Nadu.
  • District Rural Development Agency, Government of Tamil Nadu.
  • Health Department of Tamil Nadu.
  • District Administration.