Networks - Human Education and Action for Liberation Movement !

HEAL is an active member of the following Networks/Campaigns and also leads these organizations at the District level.

a) Social Action Movement [SAM]

Social Action Movement is a network of Non-Government Organisations in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry formed to promote relationship among the Social Action Groups to encourage joint action, to provide issue based solidarity support to other Social Action Groups to bring forth social, economic, political, religious, cultural and gender justice, to build up relationship between the Government and Social Action Groups for the upliftment of the weaker sections and to strengthen the relationship between the overseas partners and Social Action Groups to bring out policies to address the real needs of the people. HEAL was the District Convener of SAM from 2002 – 2006. 56 NGOs are members of the Kanyakumari District SAM.

b) Campaign Against Child Labor [CACL]

Campaign Against Child Labour is a Nationwide Network which spread over 21 States in India. Around 7,000 organisations and individuals, including women’s groups, trade unions, academic institutions, media agencies, corporate houses, lawyers, student volunteers, teachers and eminent citizens are involved actively in the Campaign. CACL has been functioning efficiently in Tamil Nadu since 1993. The CACL in Tamil Nadu is very active in all the 31 Districts of the State. CACL is committed to the eradication of child labour through building opinion, investigation child abuse/ exploitation, advocacy, lobbying of National and International developments. The campaign believes in networking with the like minded people. It intervenes in specific cases of violation of child rights and abuse of children and initiates relevant advocacy and lobbying to restore justice and Rights of the children. Now, CACL – TN has a membership of more than 200 organizations. The majority of them are NGOs who work for child development especially children’s education, promotion and protection of child rights and elimination of child labourers. At present the CACL-TN State Convener is Mr. Y. Siluvai Vasthian of HEAL Movement. The elections were held in the month of June 2006 and he has taken charge of the office from December 2006. The State Secretariat is at HEAL Movement, 22C, Scott Nagar, Near Scott Christian College, Nagercoil – 629 003, Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu.

c) Child Rights Campaign [CRC]

Child Rights Campaign is a State Forum for protecting Child Rights. NGOs, CBOs and Civil Society Organizations are the members of the Campaign. HEAL is the South Zone Convener of the Forum.

d) Tamil Nadu Environment Council [TNEC]

Tamil Nadu Environment Council (TNEC) is a network consisting of NGOs, People’s Forum and Consumer organizations. It is involved in various environment protection activities since 1992 in Tamil Nadu. HEAL is a member organizations in TNEC and HEAL is the South Zone Convener. The Tamil Nadu Environment Council (TNEC) has demanded the formation of a separate Ministry for Water and Water Resources Protection in order to safeguard Tamil Nadu from water crisis and address floods and droughts

e) Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of India

HEAL is a member of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India.

f) National Campaign for Dalit’s Human Rights [NCDHR]

National Campaign for Dalit’s Human Rights [NCDHR] is a National Forum. HEAL is a member organization.

g) Tsunami Relief Rehabilitation Coordination (TRRC) – TN & Pondy.

Tsunami Relief Rehabilitation Coordination Committee is a State – Level monitoring body to monitor the ongoing effects of relief and rehabilitation processes of State and to suggest a developmental policy as a proactive strategy to plan the long – term developmental plan to be envisaged for rebuilding the coastal ecology and livelihood resources to the coastal communities which include primarily the fishing community, agricultural community and other marginalized communities engaged in allied activities related to fisheries.  HEAL is the South Zone Convener.


The strategy pursued by HEAL is primarily to build and strengthen people’s organizations at micro level, the people’s movement at macro level, followed by campaign, advocacy and lobbying to effect changes conducive for sustainable livelihood and free from exploitation and oppression as people’s participatory development and empowerment process.