Objectives & Strategy – Human Education and Action for Liberation Movement !

Objectives :

  1. To engage in social service activities aimed at improving the living conditions and general welfare of the marginalized poor particularly, children, child labourers, bonded labourers, sea shell collectors/workers, coolies, fisherman, Dalits, disadvantaged people and other people as well as indigent people of whatever occupation irrespective of caste, sex, race or religion.
  2. To enable the youth to acquire skills for employment and self employment.
  3. To start crèches for children (of working women) in the age group of three to five years.
  4. To impart health education to the target people.
  5. To spread appropriate technology among the people in agriculture and cottage industries.
  6. To promote micro savings and credit among the target people.
  7. To promote and foster cultural activities aimed at raising the consciousness of the villages regarding their socio-economic and cultural problems.
  8. To communicate the people the various governmental schemes and programmes for development.
  9. To organize the women folk, seashell collectors/workers, fishermen, youth, children, Dalits and other workers in view of social and cultural liberation and creature society.
  10. To promote environment and ecology in the target area.
  11. To launch campaign for the rights of women, children Dalits and unorganized workers.
  12. To launch advocacy and lobbying for the betterment of the target community.
  13. To launch community based rehabilitation of people with disabilities.
  14. To implement community based water and sanitation programmes.
  15. To borrow money from the Government, Government recognized financial institutions, NGOs, Development organizations, banks, Rashtriya Mahila Kosh (RMK), National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation (NMDFC), SIDBI for micro credit activities of SHG and development activities and to repay the money with interest. 

Strategy :

The strategy pursued by HEAL is primarily to build and strengthen people’s organizations at micro level, the people’s movement at macro level, followed by campaign, advocacy and lobbying to effect changes conducive for sustainable livelihood and free from exploitation and oppression as people’s participatory development and empowerment process.