Life-skill training

Dalit Adolescents in Thisayanvilai in Tirunelveli District
The major objectives of youth development program is to encourage the youth for gainful self-employment through motivation, skill training and other necessary input support and to expand facilities for improving working skills and suitable training in technical, vocational and professional fields.

The project efforts converged on creating changes in this age group through capacitating them to acquire the basic foundation skills to

    1. Pursue education
    2. Accurate information about their health needs
    3. Build the life skills needed to avoid risk-taking behaviour
    4. Encourage a balanced approach to adolescence that recognizes both the strengths and vulnerabilities of youth
    5. Obtain counselling especially during crisis situations
    6. To identify and explore critical rights issues in adolescent development both locally and nationally
    7. To enhance awareness of career possibilities for working with adolescents and their families
    8. To facilitate their development of knowledge, confidence, and competence in working with diverse situations
    9. To have access to health services (including reproductive health services)
    10. To live in a safe and supportive environment

Sea Shell Collectors’ / Workers in Kanyakumari District

For the development of any community the basic necessity is education. There are considerable numbers of youths in the Sea shell community. Due to the poverty, the parents of this youth are able to make their children study only up to higher secondary. There is also lack of guidance and motivation. Even the highly talented youth are forced to stop their education at this stage.  So motivation trainings were conducted and career guidance given to the youth.

  • Career guidance was given to the school going students so that they can plan their higher studies.
  • School completed students were given motivation and orientation on further studies, employment opportunities etc. 
  • The educated unemployed youth of this community were given guidance on skill trainings like two wheeler mechanism, computer hardware, electrical and electronic maintenance, art and hand works etc.
  • The youth were educated about the importance of federation and the ways in which they can solve their problems and issues with the help of Federation.

Youth Training for disaster control:

Twenty Two youth were identified from project location to act as team leaders in emergency situations. Residential workshop was organized for them with the help of external experts on disaster managements and first aid skills. Inputs were provided on different types of disasters, various components of disaster preparedness and emergency measures, rescue and relief mechanisms, team formation and first aid delivery to disaster victims.

Rescue teams were formed in two villages. Safety kits including life jackets were distributed to all the 22 team members. They were also provided with identity cards and IEC (Information Education and Communication materials). The District Administration has authorized the UNDP to form a District Level Rescue Coordination Team. HEAL is one of the member out of the 8 organizations selected by the UNDP.

They are regularly organizing awareness programmes in the villages relating to awareness on Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) and Coastal Management Zone (CMZ) and the importance of Sand Dunes.